Gyratec G9 Microphone Preamp

Another built of the DIY-Legend „G9“. Based on the PCBs from „PCB-Grinder“. Of course I made the typical mistakes, like swapped resistors, forgotten resistors and 47k instead of 47R, but after some hours of troubleshooting with the multimeter I got the built up and running.

The power trannies and the grounding gave me a hard time while optimizing hum. Finally I swapped the two cheap back-to-backs with an overpriced shielded „high-end“ model and soldered the grounding directly to the power supplies PCB. That did the job.

My shapeoko-style CNC did well in engraving the frontplate. That was my first time with engraving powder-coated aluminium. The design is „closely related“ to Gyraf’s original design, but I used my self-made single-line font. For the design I used „Affinity“ and „Q-Cad“. Two inexpensive yet powerful apps for design and CAD. The two connect nicely using the SVG format and Q-Cad produces clean DXF files which work fine with Estlcam.

I can’t wait to use it for my own recordings.


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