Bandmaster Blonde

A while ago I purchased a half finished DIY Bandmaster Blonde. It contained a metal chassis, a mainboard and faceplate/backplate. After buying a power transformer and a choke and adding an existent output transformer from a TFL Silverface Bandmaster, I could do all the wiring. I had some vintage style cloth wire from a flea-market purchase. A little thick, but still more appropriate than modern silicon wires.

I made two little changes to the original circuit: I added adjustable fixed bias to easily adjust the bias to a new set of tubes. And I added a tube-based rectifier, since the metal chassis provided an hole for the according socket. Now you can use tube rectification or plug a solid-state rectifier into the socket.

The finished amp got a brand new haedshell and a nice closed back 2 x 12 with a pair of Jupiter 12LC speakers. All covered in classic Fender blonde tolex. The grille cloth is not historically correct, but I love the pinstripe look.

The combination sounds huge and lush, and the harmonic tremolo is killer. Immense clean headroom and a lot of punch. The cab is super efficient and it blows the tiles from the roof.


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