18″Closed Back

Years ago I got a dead EVM 18B. Recently I decided to get it reconed to make it usable again. Some month ago I bought a pretty good blonde 6G6-B Bassman Clone. So the Idea was born to use the EVM 18B for a cabinet for the Bassman. I started a discussion on the Tube-Town Forum and got a lot of good input.

Finally I went the vintage-way and calculated an built a traditional closed-back cabinet. With ~150 l it is a big boy. I used plywood made from poplar to save some weight, so its is portable by one person. Still I am happy with a helping hand.

It goes fine with the Bassman and it is good for a variety of tones from vintage to modest modern. I am looking forward to hear it in the context of some nerdy 60ties Surf-Music.

Update: The Cab goes pretty well with a variety of amps and we he happily use it live as a bass cabinet together with an aguilar amp. It is also very nice with a H|H bass amp.


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