Surfmaster Quartertstack

My Fender 70W Silverface UL Pro Reverb was simply too heavy for my taste. It got a new home in a headshell an the remaining combo was transformed into a 2×12 open back cabinet. The amp got a 6G15 reverb circuit in trade of the tremolo. Surfmaster Quarterstack: loud and clean.

Update: Over the last year it turned out, that I am quite fine with my 40W Surfmaster amps and that the 70W head was hardly used. Even as a head it is still a heavy piece of gear, since the transformers in the 70W UL Pro Reverb are really big iron. Additionally the hard and unforgiving silicon rectifier was always a point of critique for me. Finally I was in the mood for a lightweight 22W version, based on the Deluxe Reverb transformer configuration with a tube rectifier. I go an almost new OT from a forum-colleague and ordered the appropriate PT and choke, as well as set of tubes (GZ34 an a pair of 6V6).

So here it is: 22W Surfmaster Deluxe. With the 2×12 Cabinet it is still loud enough to compete with our drummer and it has a nice breakup and compression at reasonable levels.

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